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We Love Our Volunteers!

We owe a great debt to our hearty volunteers for a wonderfully successful showing at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. Each time I stopped by I was impressed with the positive energy and enthusiasm at our tent, which stood in stark contrast to the dour lot staffing the other party’s tent! Our candidates were out(…)

Montgomery is Pivotal to Victory

Over the past two weeks I have attended meetings with several representatives of the Hogan for Governor campaign. Often repeated at these meetings was how important Montgomery County is to the Hogan team’s strategy for victory in November. Underscoring the campaign’s commitment to our county, there will be a Hogan Victory Center opening in Rockville(…)

The MCGOP Needs Your Help!

I hope that all of you are enjoying your summer. While so many are enjoying their picnics, vacations and family outings, the Montgomery County Republican Party is busy gearing up for the election in November. Our candidates are going all out for victory, and I could not be more proud. Among the events I attended(…)

United We Stand

I am not going to lie to you. We face some long odds come November. This will be a struggle; this will be a fight. But it is a fight worth fighting. It is a fight we can win. We will not win, however, if we are distracted by internal divisions, by policy or position(…)

Busy and Productive Month

It has been a busy and productive month for the Montgomery County Republican Party.  Our Conservative Author Series put on a very well attended event featuring Governor Bob Ehrlich. The Governor was extremely engaging and generous with his time, and we think him for coming to Montgomery County to speak with us. This past week(…)

The MCGOP is on a Roll!

A hearty thank you to all who attended or supported our annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on May 8.  The event was a rousing success.  The crown was large and enthusiastic, the food was delicious and the company was delightful.  We were able to raise much needed funds and have a great time in the process.  Governor(…)