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Central Committee

The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee (MCRCC) is a 48-member committee of registered Republican voters who are residents in the county.  Members of the MCRCC are elected to serve by Republican voters in Montgomery County in the gubernatorial primary election held every four years.  Montgomery County has a total of eight state legislative districts.  Five members from each of the eight legislative districts are elected to the MCRCC as are eight at-large members during the gubernatorial primary. Central Committee members are unpaid party officials who volunteer to work for the betterment of the Republican Party in Montgomery County.

Members of the MCRCC along with the elected officers of it – Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer elected by the MCRCC members – represent Montgomery County Republicans as members of the Maryland Republican Central Committee (MDGOP).

Not sure which district you live in? Check here by searching your home address.
Don’t know the difference between a congressional and legislative district? Click here.

Legislative District 14

Sam Fenati || Email

Joe Gillin || Email

Rick Hansen || Email

Anne Koutsoutis || Email

Kat O’Connor || Email

Legislative District 15

Dan Cuda || Email

Sharon Cohen || Email

Dick Jurgena || Email

Nathan Houser || Email

Bill Richbourg ||  Email

Legislative District 16

Marcus Alzona || Email

Bob Carter || Email

Ann Guthrie Hingston || Email

Leslie Grizzard || Email

Larry Lesser || Email

Legislative District 17

Michael Higgs || Email

Deborah Lambert || Email

David Roseman || Email

Aron Schwartz || Email

Scott Klein || Email

Legislative District 18

Katja Bullock || Email

Vincent DeCain || Email

Liz Matory || Email

Jean Alexandra Tuttle || Email

Delores Newsuan-Reyes || Email

Legislative District 19

Jeff Brown || Email

Don Irvine || Email

Sheldon Sacks || Email

Fred Seelman || Email

Martha Schaerr || Email

Legislative District 20

Corey Golladay || Email

Kevin Heenan || Email

Joy Heenan || Email

Jennifer Pasenelli || Email

Deanna Stewart || Email

Legislative District 39

Candice Clough || Email

Greg Decker || Email

Nancy Farrar || Email

Alirio Martinez || Email

Al Phillips || Email


Gus Alzona || Email

Michael Belan || Email

Patricia Fenati || Email

Tommy Rodriguez || Email

Lorraine Kuchmy || Email

Dwight Patel || Email  || Bio

Tanzi Strafford || Email

Mark Uncapher || Email